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"For-Real / For-Now" Events

Well, what a night with Carman! Carman did a fantastic job. Everyone loved him. He brought an excellent word about being disqualified. Many people responded to that altar call and he prayed for them. We believe God broke through powerfully in many people's lives. Thanks again. We would love to have Carman again any time. We feel so blessed.

Sharon Dublanko, Cornerstone Church | Aberdeen, WA

I just wanted to express how honored we were to have Carman at our church this last Friday evening. As expected he delivered the goods. He gave 100% and was used by God to minister life to those who came. I know hes been doing this for a long time and the road gets old more quickly than most understand. His longevity is rare but we are glad he has stayed with it. Hes still got it!

We wish you all the best and continued success in what youre doing!

Mike Gitchel Victory Assembly Universal City, TX

Shalom! The For Real For Now Concert Carman brought to us was an awesome celebration of worship and ministry. Because of his anointing and love for God's people, many lives were changed and restored and we were richly blessed!. Thanks for your faithful work in the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Ralph R. Long, Senior Pastor, Living Bread Worship Center | Delmar, Maryland

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all the work you and your staff did to help us put the concert on last week. It was a wonderful evening, an excellent crowd and Carman was a true blessing.

Pastor Bruce of Faith Assembly | Imperial, CA

Pastor and the Staff felt like the event was a success. The church was full and happy. People who had seen Carman in the past were excited to see him again.

Pastor Bare of Covenant Church | Charlottesville, VA

Fantastic, Wonderful, Spirit filled Event-Ministered to the people and it was positive. I met him years ago and found him to be on a personal level. Genuine and ministry oriented...people came forward to accept Christ and it was very good! Also it was a surprise to receive Carman's tithe check from the offering.

Pastor Dial of Cary Church of God | Cary, NC

Carman definitely energized our mid-week service. Great attendance, souls saved, saints encouraged, to God be the glory!". We really enjoyed Carman ministering in Virginia Beach. Thanks for all of the effort that you put into this event. Let's do it again sometime.

Pastor Blanchard of Rivers of Living Water | Virginia Beach, VA

It was SUPER! We had a great crowd. The people really enjoyed it.

Pastor Davis of Full Faith Church | Carthage, MO

I really enjoyed hosting this event. It was a great experience for the staff, the volunteers and also the local Pastors. It helped barriers come down and bring many churches together for the common cause. I have all positive feedback, everyone loved it and were very touched by Carman's humor and transparency. Also how very REAL he was, a pure delight and a joy to work with.

Pastor L. Badame | Wheatfield Community Church | Niagara Falls, NY

Everything went so well and we were so encouraged by Carman. It was wonderful to have his ministry. Thank you for being on the ball and hope to work with you in the future.

Pastor Alan Schrader | Bloomfield, NY

A resounding cheer to a sold out crowd, kicks off a "For Real-For Now" event. Carman started with some thoughts that encouraged and set the tone for the evening. He performed many of his past favorites as well as new songs that were enjoyed by everyone. The worship team joined Carman on stage and the night was filled with high energy, enthusiasm and many came to Christ. A big thank you to everyone who made this evening such a fun packed night!

Pastor Kee | Riverview Church of God

Awesome time! It was a blessing and over 10 people came to Christ. It went extremely well! Carman has a great personality and people were blessed.

Pastor Cowburn | Waterville, NY

I've had some rough experiences with artists but Carman was really appreciative with everything. He was great and also great to work with. I've never heard Carman preach and he had a great message. I would love to have him back.

Pastor Seals | Saratoga Springs, NY

"Carman. For real, For now." And for any time in the future! From the first contact with his ministry office, to the anointed ministry, the altar call, to the closing song of his performance, this was a great experience!

Pastor Jerry Quillen | Victory Life Center | Modesto, CA

"For Real - For Now" event was a breakthrough night for us. The response of the audience was electric, and the whole process of bringing Carman to our church was a wonder of planning and coordination with Israel Berry from Carman's Office. This powerful ministry was not even a financial burden. Carman tithed back into our church from the offering! We received lots of follow-up cards for people in our community. A great overall experience for us. We would definitely do it again.

Pastor David Sasse | Coastal Christian Center

An outstanding success! Carman is one of the finest ministers I have had the privilege to work with. His concern for our congregation was apparent from the start. As senior pastor for 23 years I am alert to the response of this church and it was electrifying. Carman expressed enthusiasm, warmth, and personal humor. His transparency was received with genuine affection by everyone; transcending all ages. The event was a blessing to me personally.


Dr. Robert W. Proctor, Senior Pastor | Southwest Christian Center | Bakersfield, California